Cash Carry

Wholesale suppliers from the EU, UK and India.
Quick delivery from stock or to order in the United Kingdom and European Union.

We supply Europe and the UK.

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We ensure deliveries throughout the United Kingdom and European Union.

Cash Carry

Engross furnizori din România, Europa și UK.
Livrare rapidă din stoc sau pe bază de comandă în România, Uniunea Europeană sau Marea Britanie.

Aprovizionăm Europa.

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International Distribution

We ensure promotion and delivery throughout the European Union, United Kingdom all the way to India.
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Wholesale Suppliers

We offer a wide range of quality products delivered directly from suppliers via most European countries, United Kingdom and India.
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CashCarry by Corrios make continuous efforts to ensure you have a variety of quality products to choose from, with suppliers from all over Europe, India and the United Kingdom.

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We help British producers promote their quality products throughout Europe, without hidden fees and unnecessary commissions.

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Engross Furnizori România

Vă punem la dispoziție o gamă variată de produse de calitate livrate direct de la furnizori din România, Uniunea Europeană, Marea Britanie sau Moldova.

Clienți / Revânzători

Buyerii de la fac eforturi continue pentru a vă asigura un portofoliu bogat de produse de calitate fabricate în România sau în Europa.

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Furnizori / Producători oferă o șansă tuturor producătorilor din România să-și promoveze produsele de calitate. Fără taxe ascunse și comisioane inutile.

Deveniți furnizor

International Distribution

Cash Carry is a wholesaler with suppliers from the European Union, United Kingdom and India, whose products are delivered using ta transport infrastructure provided by BidTrans, the only transport exchange without shipping warehouses and intermediaries in transport.

Our partnership with BidTrans helps us offer prices without any additions from shipping companies allowing us to supply stores at an affordable price for both products and transport.

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International Distribution

Cash Carry este un engross cu furnizori din România și Uniunea Europeană ale căror produse sunt livrate în siguranță folosind infrastructura de transport furnizată de către BidTrans, singura platformă fără case de expediții și intermediari în transport.

Parteneriatul nostru cu BidTrans, ne ajută să oferim prețuri mai bune la transportul de marfă decât dacă am lucra prin intermediul caselor de expediții astfel încât acum putem aproviziona și magazinele românești din diaspora.

Accesează bursa de transport
Lista depozitelor din România

Supply Europe

We deliver directly to the door of the store, whether it is in the European Union or the UK. We also offer delivery service for Amazon Wholesale, Drop Shipping or eCommerce in marketplaces.

High Street Shops

At CashCarry, we make sustained efforts to be able to deliver our products at affordable prices to stores in any corner of Europe, but focus on the United Kingdom. We provide transport with both 40-tonne trucks and tail-lift vans for areas that are difficult to access or with traffic restrictions.
Details of delivery services to High Street stores
FMCG Suppliers


CashCarry offers distribution services to restaurants, hotels and other companies in the catering industry with a whole range of British products but also for those imported from countries such as: Italy, France, Spain to as far as India. We can deliver small quantities via express courier partners, or consolidated goods on pallets.
Details of delivery services for FMCG and HoReCa

Fulfilment by Amazon (FBA)

Amazon Wholesale

This service provides access to products sold at importer prices, thus allowing resellers to earn high profits by reselling these products on Amazon. With a simple and fast buying process and direct delivery to Amazon warehouses, CashCarry is an ideal option for people who want to get involved in the Amazon Wholesale business or want to increase their product range.
Service details of Amazon Wholesale
eCommerce Inventory and eFulfillment

B2B Dropshipping

Dropshipping resellers can sell to B2B customers in the United Kingdom. Companies can benefit from a wide range of products at competitive prices, thus being able to increase their product range and profit by selling online in a drop shipping system using their own website or marketplaces. We also offer fulfillment services that allow you to purchase products in bulk and then sell them individually.
Details about Dropshipping | Details about eFulfillment

Fulfillment: UK and Europe

We offer Cash Carry suppliers storage and fulfillment solutions at affordable prices
STORAGE - EU, Romania and the United Kingdom

We export to
Europe and Great Britain

CashCarry is present in several countries in the European Union and in the UK, additionally through our partnership with BidTrans we can ensure the delivery of products to all important countries.

To facilitate a more economically efficient delivery and with a lower environmental impact, we provide our suppliers with storage spaces where the products can be grouped on pallets much more easily and be delivered at a lower price to customers, including high street shops and restaurants. This will be much cheaper than if the goods were collected from suppliers' warehouses and delivered directly. We can also make deliveries to customers outside the Cash & Carry system.
Fulfilment services details

Direct from India

In search from some of the most powerful culinary flavours, we have travelled across the globe to find some of the best suppliers. Where else but in India, arguably the place with the some of best food in the world.
DIRECT from India to your doorstep.

We bring India closer to you

From herbs and spices to clothes and accessories, our connection to India allows you to easily access a wide range of products. We ensure the entire supply flow; from ordering, quality and quantity inspection, shipping, customs clearance and delivery to your door.

Whether you want a box of top-quality peppercorns or mustard seeds to a container filled to the brim with clothes, handmade jewellery to shoes. The products displayed in our website have been carefully selected and comply with all European standards of health, provenance of goods and prevention of slavery.
Details of imports from India
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